Software for Agencies

Decrypta Technologies GmbH has developed exclusively for international law enforcement agencies the following software tools for decrypting digital evidence and tracing cryptocurrency wallets:

  • GovCracker is a wrapper software developed by us that uses the world's best and fastest decryption tools, such as Hashcat, John the Ripper, CUPP, CeWL and BulkExtractor to decrypt encryptions such as VeraCrypt, TrueCrypt, Bitlocker, FileVault2 (Apple MacBooks), LUKS (Linux), Bitcoin wallets, Exodus wallets, MetaMask wallets, Ethereum wallets, ZIP, RAR, 7z, PDF or Office documents.
  • GovCrypto is a software designed by us to analyze digital evidence for traces of cryptocurrencies. Traces of software, hardware and online wallets are searched for and documented.
  • GovCracker and GovCrypto are free and has been developed for Windows 10.
    For more details see: Github.


Please note that only law enforcement agencies can unlock GovCracker.


You can request a registration key here.

Latest Version: GovCracker 4.1

Date: 01-22-2023

MD5: 73a01e651df2d265a150a3a2e03c5228 *GovCracker_4_1.7z