MyLastKey is a software developed by us to securely store and share sensitive data such as passwords, number combinations, hiding places, trade secrets, recipes or even seeds for cryptocurrencies.


Conventional ways of securing sensitive data in paper form have more disadvantages than advantages, as paper can be destroyed by water and fire. In addition, paper is unencrypted and offers no protection against burglars, legacy hunters, or government organizations.


During the development of MyLastKey, we have given the highest priority to ease of use, also with regard to elderly people, maximum protection against hackers and unauthorized access. Furthermore, MyLastKey features reassurance in case the password to access MyLastKey is lost and therefore offers an optimal solution in case of inheritance.


The most innovative advantage of MyLastKey is that you do not have to pass on the access data and password to your USB safe! The highlight: Your heirs can request the decryption of the access data to your USB safe upon presentation of a MyLastKey-Passport (generated in the software), an identity card and, if necessary, a certificate of inheritance.


MyLastKey offers the best possible protection against misuse and unauthorized access to your data and assets.


More information about MyLastKey: here.