Legal advice

In recent years, digitization has increased rapidly, the economy has accelerated increasingly, and the digital world has recently entered private households as well.


In this networked and digital world, the topic of "digital estate" is becoming increasingly important for estate administrators, lawyers and tax advisors. The exciting question here is what is stored on the deceased person's digital end devices, such as laptops, PCs, hard drives, USB sticks or clouds.


  • Does a testament exist?
  • Did digital files of financial investments or a software wallet for cryptocurrencies exist?
  • Are there social media profiles that may need to be deleted?
  • Are there outstanding invoices and unknown liabilities in email accounts?


Decrypta-Technologies has made it its business to provide answers to your questions. As IT specialists, we are able to analyze laptops, PCs, USB sticks and external hard drives and, if necessary, carry out decryption processes in order to prepare a comprehensive overall report for you.


For executors, lawyers and tax advisors we exclusively provide a free "LiteVersion" of our software "GovCrypto".


Do you have any questions? We look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to provide a solution!