GovCracker is a free wrapper software for the world's best and fastest decryption software Hashcat and softwares like John the Ripper, CUPP, CeWL and PRINCE to decrypt and extract hashes from VeraCrypt, TrueCrypt, Bitlocker, FileVault2 (Apple MacBooks), Keychain (Apple), LUKS (Linux), Bitcoin wallets, Exodus wallets, MetaMask wallets, Ethereum wallets, ZIP, RAR, 7z, PDF, Office files and so on.


Please note that only law enforcement agencies can unlock GovCracker. 

You can request a license key here


Latest Version: GovCracker 4.1

Date: 01/22/2023

MD5: 73a01e651df2d265a150a3a2e03c5228 *GovCracker_4_1.7z

Requirements:  Windows 7 (64-bit) and higher