It only takes four steps to actively help fight crime against pedophiles and other serious criminals.

  • Download BOINC software from Berkley University (USA). Click here.
  • Start BOINC > accept license agreement > uncheck "Use BOINC Screensaver".
    After installation, BOINC starts automatically and installs necessary updates.
  • Afterwards press the button "Add project". At the "Project address" please insert the following internet address:
  • An account will be created and you will be redirected to our project page. There the registration will be completed. You do not have to join a "team".

You can now close the BOINC command window. The decryption processes will be executed automatically fully now in the background. If you have decrypted a password successfully, we will contact you immediately by mail. If you use a VPN tunnel, you may have to set up an exception for BOINC.


Note: Only the testnet is online at the moment.